Slice of Life-Busy…Busy…Busy

In at least two of my past posts I have mentioned basketball. Well, like I said I am excited that it has started. Tomorrow is our first game. We will play Grand Ledge. I cannot wait for our games to start. And don’t worry I will give you updates on who we played, if we won, and what the score was.

  You better get used to all the sports updates because sports are my life. I play basketball, volleyball, track/field, softball, and I used to play soccer. Now that may not seem like a very lot considering that it is only one sport per season, but put on top of that my brother playing basketball, football, baseball, and he used to do track and wrestling. If you put all of those games and practices on top of each other, our family barely has time to say hi to each other. We keep track of all of our events on a calendar, and each separate person has a different color. I’m purple, my brother is red, my mom is blue, my dad is green, miscellaneous is white, and vacations are yellow. Yes, we still do have time for vacation. Once everything is on the calendar for a months worth of time, it has turned from a boring calendar to a rainbow calendar.

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