Slice of Life 2/31

Hello everyone, It’s day two of the slice of life challenge!

We won our 2nd district basketball game tonight! Now we play in the district championship on Friday. I also broke the school record for 3-pointers tonight! It was a very good game, and it was also against one of my team’s rivals. That makes the win even better. The game Friday is against a team that we don’t really know much about, but I am very excited to play for the championship!

I’m dreading going back to school tomorrow after two nice, long snow days. I was getting disappointed with the weather because it seemed like we were only going to have two snow days this year, but Mother Nature came through with two more! I almost thought that we were going to have another snow day tomorrow just because of how much snow we got, but it was nice and sunny today. It’s weird how the weather goes from being sunny and 60 degrees one week to a complete blizzard the next! It definitely keeps everyone on their toes!

Well that’s it for today, talk to you all tomorrow! 🙂

Slice of Life 1/31

Hello blog world, I’m back! My last posts were from when I was in seventh and eighth grade and now I’m back as a senior! I am going to try my best to complete this challenge to post every day!

Looking back at all of my past posts was very entertaining because of how much I’ve changed. In middle school, everything I posted about seemed like an “end of the world” issue! I also posted a lot of poems. I had honestly forgotten how much I used to enjoy writing poetry. I think that I’ll make a personal challenge during this month to get back to writing more! But for today’s post I’ll just give an update on me.

I’m into the second semester of my senior year, which is very exciting and scary at the same time! I am not sure where I’m going to college yet or what I want to do with my life, which just adds to the stress of high school coming to an end. I am still a 3-sport athlete. I switched from volleyball to cross country, but I still play basketball and softball too. Yesterday was our first district basketball game and it was very exciting! It was a very close game, but I ended up making the game winning shot with 3 seconds left. It was such an incredible feeling when I saw that the shot went in! We play again tomorrow night! People compared that game winning shot to when I made a bunch of three-pointers during the flunkers vs. dunkers game that we play in middle school! It was weird when people made the comparison because that game in eighth grade seems like such a long time ago! I’ve realized that senior year is a lot about reminiscing on the past. It has been a very emotional and fun year, and I’ll do my best to keep you updated this month!

Oh and P.S… My friend, Amanda, is desperately trying to remember her password so that she can also participate in the Slice of Life challenge this month! No luck so far, but keep your fingers crossed for her!


We had our time,

but now its time to say good-bye.

If only I could go back and make things different.

Then maybe this fair-well could be averted.

I was holding on so tight to something that didn’t really matter.

I took it way too seriously,

and maybe that’s why the heartache is bigger.

I contradict myself in saying that I shouldn’t dwell on such a pointless matter,

but to me I’ll always remember what could have been.

Slice of Life 31/31

This is the last slice of life for 2012! Looking back at all my posts, there are a lot of poems and quotes! I am happy that I pushed myself to write all of  those poems. It has been a very busy month and I’m surprised that I had the time to write everyday, but I’m glad I did.

I’m leaving for Florida tomorrow and I’m really excited, but I haven’t even packed yet! I also might be able to go back to the secretary of state tomorrow before we leave, now that I’m old enough!

Well, nothing else is really new so this is it for my 2012 slices of life!!! It’s been fun!!(:

Slice of Life 30/31

Wow March has gone by so fast! I can’t believe that it’s almost over and that means that another month of Slice of Life is done! I just got back from the secretary of state, license-less!!! It is really annoying why I couldn’t get it too! I was two days too young to get my level one drivers license! You have to be my age and nine months old, but I am only 8months and 29days. Seriously 2 days??? What is the difference between now and two days from now?

Anyway I was really excited today because in my life skills class we made fruit smoothies and apple crisp! It was soooo good and I was so full that I didn’t eat anything at lunch! I know, I know, I get excited over fruit smoothies and apple crisp? Well it’s the little things in life.(: I was also really excited today because I got a 100% on my science test, which brought my grade up!!! It completely made my day to see that it went up. It was also really awesome because I had stayed up until 2am studying for that test and all my hard work payed off. Now I just need my algebra grade up!